Loving One Another


October 31, 2017

Our November theme for the Today devotions, written by Rev. George Vink, is “Loving One Another.”

When I’m finishing a phone call with my wife or children, I will often conclude the call by saying, “Love you!” And the person on the other end of the line will usually say, “Love you too.” Maybe you do that too.

That’s not just a trite saying or a way to complete the call. It’s an important message for us to verbalize and our loved ones to hear.

Jesus emphasizes over and over again the importance of love. First of all, he commands us to love God above all. Loving God is most important!

But following directly from the love God is the command to love each other. That can be much harder to do, so the Bible gives us all kinds of ways by which we can show love. The Bible uses words such as humility, forgiveness, encouragement, prayerful, service, compassion, submission, harmony, and hospitality—among others—to show how we are to love each other.

Those are not easy words. But in this month’s Today devotions, Rev. George Vink will help us to learn how we can carry out those qualities in our daily lives as we live together in this world.

I need to learn how to love too. I’ll be reading these words right along with you this month. And together I pray that our lives will become more loving, as we love God above all and our neighbor as ourselves.

George Vink has served churches in the United States and Canada. He is retired, and currently resides in Michigan. He enjoys writing, consulting, and occasionally does interim ministry in churches without a pastor.

As you read the Today devotionals this month, may you be refreshed, refocused, and renewed in God’s Word!

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