Near the Cross

By Steven Koster

February 29, 2016

Our March theme for the Today devotionals is “Near the Cross,” written by Pastor Tom Groelsema.

Our readings this month will help us focus on Jesus and his amazing work of salvation for us.

My wife Deb and I visited the Holy Land in January of this year. The places we visited really helped to make the stories of Christ’s ministry, suffering, death, and resurrection come alive for both of us. I’m sure that our Lenten and Easter experience will be different this year because of what we saw and learned.

Some of you may also have traveled to the Holy Land, and you can relate to our experiences. Most of us will not have that opportunity. But we can read the stories in the Bible, and these devotions will also help us to understand the rich meaning behind what happened to Jesus as he suffered and died on the cross—for us.

You may be familiar with the old hymn, “Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross.” Pastor Groelsema will help us draw near to Jesus and his death on the cross as we look at scripture passages throughout the Bible that focus on Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross.

Tom Groelsema has served as senior pastor of a church in Byron Center, Michigan for over 17 years. Previous to that he pastored a church in Minnesota. He and his wife Sheri have four children. Tom is a new Today writer. We welcome his writings for us this month as he focuses on the themes of this important time of the year, Lent, Holy Week, and Easter.

May you be refreshed, refocused, and renewed in God’s Word this month!

About the author — Steven Koster

Rev. Dr. Steven Koster joined Back to God Ministries International in 2006 and soon launched ReFrame Media with a fresh vision for media and technology to build disciples and communities in Christ. During his time as Director of ReFrame, he also served as the Executive Editor of Today. Steven stepped down from these roles in 2019 as he felt led to focus on new challenges, including doctoral research and their family’s bed and breakfast in Grand Rapids. He and his wife Deb have three adult children and enjoy leading pre-marital counseling and marriage enrichment seminars. Steven continues to collaborate with Deb to produce our marriage and family ministry, Family Fire.

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