Songs of the Scriptures


July 31, 2017

Our August theme for the Today devotions, written by Rev. John VanSchepen, is “Songs of the Scriptures.”

What’s your favorite kind of music? What songs found in your iPod playlist do you listen to most often? If you’re listening to music on your car radio, what stations are your favorites? What songs most touch your heart as you're worshiping God in song at church?

Personally, I’m a fan of all kinds of music. I’ve enjoyed rock, folk, latin, blues, bluegrass, and lately a lot of classical music. I’ve been a little surprised at how much classical music is church music, written specifically for worship.

This month our Today devotional topic is “Songs of the Scriptures.” I’ve been likewise surprised at how many songs are scattered through scripture. Often when we think of scriptural music, we think first of the book of Psalms. But Rev. John VanSchepen, this month’s writer, purposely stayed away from the psalms and searched the Bible for songs sung by such people as Moses, Isaiah, Mary, Paul, and others.

Often when we think of songs, we think of happy refrains. And that is often true. There are biblical songs that are associated with praise, excitement, and dancing. But many songs denote sad times—times of mourning, grief, and lament. Pastor VanSchepen brings the full range of these musical emotions to us as we read through the month’s devotions.

John also writes about music today—old hymns that you may have sung in church growing up that are still favorites today. And he writes about singing with his grandchildren, and how a new song taught him by his grandson soon became a favorite.

If you want to hear more of Rev. VanSchepen’s thoughts as he wrote these devotions, please listen to this audio interview.

May you be refreshed, refocused, and renewed in God’s Word!

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