Tips for Doing Devotions

By Jordan An

June 8, 2018

The idea of doing daily devotions brings up different feelings for everyone. For some, it elicits feelings of guilt. “I feel like I should do them, but I don’t.” For others, it causes confusion. “I want to do them, but I don’t know how.” No matter where you stand, remember that daily devotions are meant to be a source of encouragement and joy, not a duty or a burden! Devotions are just one way we surrender ourselves to God and show our need for him every day.

If you’re looking for more information about what a devotional is, start by reading What is a Devotional? If you’re ready to start doing devotions and looking for simple steps to incorporate this practice into your everyday life, here are some helpful tips:

1. Pick a Time

We live in a day and age that’s busier than ever before. If we don’t prioritize and schedule our time in advance, things often don’t get done. The same holds true for our daily time with God. Schedule out a specific time in your day to do devotions and stick to it! However, don’t get discouraged if the time you chose initially doesn’t work for you. Give yourself space to discover your own rhythm and preference. Then, once you figure out a good time, stay the course.

2. Pick a Place

While doing your devotions in the same place every day will not always be realistic, it can be extremely helpful in establishing a routine. Returning to the same space everyday will gradually condition your heart and mind to enter a posture of devotion in that space. Just like the timing of your devotions, you may have to try a few spots before you find what’s right for you. Try a variety of settings: a coffee shop, at your kitchen table, or on your living room couch. Find a place that works for you and do your best to stay consistent.

3. Pick a Format

This step is where most people get stuck. We can get so overwhelmed by the different formats for devotions that we give up altogether. You may wonder if a traditional book or digital devotion is better? Is it okay to read your devotion on your smartphone, on the go? What about listening to an audio devotion? Be relieved: there is no one right answer! Don’t be afraid to try something new or experiment with a few formats to find what is right for you. There is no wrong way to spend time with God! And many devotions are offered in multiple formats. For instance, Today is offered as a printed booklet and digitally via email or mobile app, but you can also listen to Today’s daily devotion on the radio or your own voice-enabled device.

4. Pick a Plan

There are thousands of devotional books and websites available to you, with topics ranging from parenting to purity. No matter what season of life you’re in or the topic you’re interested in studying, there is a devotional out there for you. You may decide to pick a new topic every week, month, or even year. You might find that you enjoy a unique thought or verse every day! Once again, there is no right answer. Your devotions are meant to be a time where you refresh, renew, and refocus yourself towards God. Over time, you’ll discover what devotions look like for you.

If you’re looking for a simple daily devotion focused on Scripture, reflection, and prayer, subscribe to Today here.

When it comes to your daily devotional life, the goal is not to be perfect or compare yourself to anyone else. The goal is simply to give back to God the most important resources you possess: your time and yourself. Life with God is a process of growth and learning. Rest assured that he knows your heart and wants to meet you whenever, wherever, and however you are.

About the author — Jordan An

Jordan works for ReFrame Ministries supporting our programs through digital marketing campaigns. She is passionate about using media to reach the world for Jesus.

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