We Can Enjoy Deep Comfort in Small Things

By Rachel Syens

March 27, 2020

The stress of the unknown can feel overwhelming at times like this. We have new rules, new regulations, and new routines. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, does normalcy continue to exist?

Despite our circumstances, we can enjoy deep comfort in small things. Life is made up of small moments, the day to day activities that—outside of times like this—we may take for granted. The warm embrace of that first sip of coffee in the morning. The feeling of joy and inspiration in watching the sunrise. The invigorating energy brought by a brisk evening walk. God uses these small, ordinary things to comfort us, and to reach out and tell us that he’s here, he’s with us, and he’s watching over us.

We pray that these four devotionals will remind you to see God at work in small things.

Read: Thanks for Small Things

“Throughout the Bible, we can see that God also uses small things to bring hope and healing to the world.”

Read: Jesus Walks With Us

“Jesus went to the cross and was raised in power to break through our loneliness and bring us to the Father.”

Read: In the Eye of the Storm

“Jesus sees our struggles, comes near to us, and goes through the storm with us—whether or not he decides to calm or stop it.”

Read: Mustard Seeds

“The kingdom of heaven may present itself like a small seed, but it has the potential to grow huge—and even to spread everywhere.”

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About the author — Rachel Syens

Rachel Syens joined ReFrame Ministries with a passion to form meaningful connections in our increasingly digital world. Rachel manages the social media platforms across all ReFrame programs. Prior to joining our team, Rachel worked in public history, tourism, and event coordination. Rachel holds a B.A. from Hope College and an M.A. from Western Michigan University. She enjoys baking, writing, supporting local coffee shops, and traveling as often as possible.

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