Who Wrote It? George Young on "Relating to Others"

By Josh DeGroot

June 30, 2017

Josh DeGroot – Welcome to todaydevotional.com’s Who Wrote It, where we get to know our Today authors better and understand the inspiration behind their writing. George Young is on the line, and has blessed us with his writing for July. So, George, thanks for joining us.

George Young – The pleasure is all mine.

Josh DeGroot – Your theme for this month is Relating to Others; so you write about interpersonal relationships. First off, why did you choose this theme, and what do you hope our readers will take away from this month’s devotions?

George Young – Well, I chose the theme because I think it is a very practical issue or matter that we struggle with each day, and it is very relevant for life in the Church, as well as life in our neighborhoods and in our families. Interracial relationships, international relationships—the ramifications of these issues are just so great. 

Josh DeGroot – The verse for your first day’s reading is: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge,” taken from Proverbs 1. Why did you choose that verse; but more importantly, do you worry at all about starting your month off with a strong reading just to grab the attention of the readers?

George Young – Well, the beginning of knowledge—you have to start somewhere when you are thinking about your relationships, and if you don’t start with your relationship to God, everything else is kind of askew and cut adrift, and you don’t know where to begin when you think about your relationships. So, I chose that verse, not particularly because it is a strong verse, but because it cuts to the chase—it cuts right to the heart of the matter—and it talks about the fear of the Lord being the beginning of knowledge, of understanding, of all of life, really.

Josh DeGroot – Absolutely.

George Young – We tend to just think of the fear of the Lord as kind of a scary thing; but it is, to use the word that is so common nowadays, it is the awe of the Lord, or the awesomeness of God.

Josh DeGroot – Now, I can imagine the stories you have as a missionary from Japan, but tell me some stories about being a taxi driver in New York City.

George Young – Well, being a taxi driver in New York City—I did that for two years after college and after seminary, and I have to say that I met all kinds of people: Hard-nosed businessmen, very kind people, some criminals, some demanding, some very understanding people. I was robbed a couple of times. The thing is, that when a customer in the back seat is breathing down my neck and we are in a traffic jam and he wants to get to Kennedy Airport quicker than quick, you know, I have to learn patience; I have to learn not to snap back at the person, not to react foolishly, but to be patient, to be respectful; and when I was robbed, I…there was also that…you know, I had to be careful not to make a snap, foolish reaction…

Josh DeGroot – Sure.

George Young – Relating to all these types of people also taught me a lot during those years.

Josh DeGroot – George, it sounds like you should write a month strictly on the taxicab experience for two years.

George Young – Yes, thanks; I’ll take you up on that maybe.

Josh DeGroot – Sounds good. What is the most rewarding part about writing a month for the Today devotional? Is it when you finish and you know it is a good month, or is it when you actually hear some feedback from listeners and readers?

George Young – Well, I think the most rewarding part of writing a month of devotions for the Today booklet is wrestling with the scriptures on a certain theme and seeing how one part of the Bible sheds light on the theme that I have chosen; and sort of trying to come out with a balanced and biblical understanding of this issue that I have chosen for the month. It is wrestling with the scriptures; because God’s Word is the truth, and God’s Word guides us, and I love that part of it the most, I think.

Josh DeGroot – The theme for the month is relating to others—it is a great month of July for the Today devotional. He is George Young, the author. He has blessed us by coming on today; and George, we thank you.

George Young – You’re welcome.

Josh DeGroot – Read the devotions, listen to the devotions, and refresh, refocus, renew at todaydevotional.com. 

About the author — Josh DeGroot

Josh DeGroot is a graduate of Columbia College in Chicago. Josh began as a sound engineer with Back to God Ministries International in July 2008. In addition to the "Who Wrote It?" interviews for Today, Josh works on almost every audio project produced by Back to God in the US. He also writes and produces episodes for our sister ministry, the children's program, Kids Corner. Josh lives in Alsip, IL with his wife. They are expecting their first child.

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