Why Choose the Today Devotional?

By Eleanor Lamsma

April 26, 2016

If you Google the phrase “daily devotional,” you’ll get a list of about 730,000 search results. Not every result will actually lead to a daily devotional, but many will. So given the amount of choice, why choose Today?

A long tradition of great content

Well-written devotionals offer biblical insight and wisdom that encourage and guide your reflections on Scripture. Today has a 65-year tradition of doing just that through highly capable writers. While most devotionals feature a different writer for each day, Today contributors develop biblical themes over the course of the entire month. It's like doing a 30-day Bible study in bite-sized portions. Most authors for Today have years of ministry experience and all have been theologically trained. From missionaries to seminary professors to local pastors, these writers offer varied expertise and perspectives but share a united passion for reading and following God’s Word. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this rich and distinctive resource.

An extensive archive

Another strength of Today is its breadth of content. The Today website offers an archive of devotionals that goes back to 2005. So if you’d like to narrow-in on a certain topic, Bible reference, or just want to read more than one devotional that day, you have plenty of entries to mine. Or if you really like a certain writer, you can check in the archive to see if he or she has written other devotionals. You can search through all available devotions by subject, Scripture reference, keyword, author, and more. Whether you’re looking for a Christmas devotional, need help understanding Habakkuk, or want guidance on prayer, the Today library allows you to filter through thousands of devotions instantly.

Daily structure

A common problem when it comes to personal devotions is a lack of structure. Another common struggle is understanding key themes of a text which aren’t explicitly stated or obvious. Today provides meaningful guidance each day through set Scripture passages and reflections. Over time, the Bible passages expose readers to a variety of texts, and the reflections hone in on overarching themes and takeaways to focus on. The daily nature of Today also helps facilitate the crucial habit of regularly interacting with God’s Word.

We think the Today daily devotional is the best of it’s kind! But only you can know if it’s the devotional for you. Try Today  - via website, print, email, mobile app., and more. Subscribe here! This opportunity to consistently learn from and about God’s Word is really worth it. May you be refreshed, refocused, and renewed in God's Word each day. 

About the author — Eleanor Lamsma

Eleanor served as part of the content team for the Today printed devotional for many years, later joining the online team as well. She also served in other roles with ReFrame Media and Back to God Ministries International. Music plays an important part in Eleanor’s life, and she enjoys singing and playing the organ and piano at her church. She loves to travel—especially to visit her three children and five grandchildren scattered around the United States.

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