Why Young Couples Should Do Devotions Together

By Kaitlin Kamp

September 2, 2016

Much to my parent’s dismay, I dated a lot in high school. As I think about those relationships now, I realize how much I prioritized them above everything else. This was idolatry and I didn’t even notice. I couldn’t see how it was affecting my friendships and, up until recently, I didn’t think about how it was affecting my relationship with God. If I’m being honest, it wasn’t until my current relationship that I realized the importance of putting God first.

God calls us to seek him above all else

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew 6:33). When we seek God above all, we are following his plan for our lives; a plan that is far better than we could ever image. However, that does not mean life will be easy. Individually, and as a couple, you will go through struggles and hardships, but you will also go through times of joy and celebration. Every moment, good or bad, shapes your relationship with each other and helps you to grow. Whether you realize it or not, your faith shapes the way you respond to situations.

Grow in faith together

If you have committed to one another, then you have committed to grow together. When couples do devotions together, it opens doors to new conversations about God. These conversations can be awkward, I have learned that from experience, but I have also learned that these sometimes awkward situations can develop into a new level of spiritual intimacy with your significant other. Faith is something deeply personal. Expressing your innermost thoughts and concerns about faith can be kind of intimidating, but it brings you closer as a couple. More importantly, you are glorifying God through the closeness of your relationship.

Keep each other accountable

Doing devotions together helps you come together as a team, and teammates should keep each other accountable. If you are struggling to put God first in your life, seek the help of your teammate! Pray with, and for, one another. Doing devotions on your own is beneficial, but if you struggle to keep up with it, then consider doing devotions as a couple. You can remind each other, set aside time to read scripture together, and discuss questions you have. Help each other grow in faith by being accountability partners.

Don’t give up on the challenge

At the end of the day, God should be first in your life, and in your relationship. Take time to study God’s word, pray together, and grow as a couple. If you’re looking for a devotional to help you get started, try the Today Daily Devotional, or do some searching in stores or online. Doing devotions as a couple can be challenging. Days and nights can be busy and it might be difficult to do devotions, or some days you might just forget, but that is OK. Don’t give up on it and continue to challenge one another through your conversations. Put God first in your relationship and work together for the glory of his kingdom.

About the author — Kaitlin Kamp

Kaitlin served as ReFrame Media's Social Media Specialist from 2016-2017. Kaitlin thinks it is a blessing to be able to use different online platforms to spread God's Word. She enjoys music, traveling, and spending time with her family in Michigan.

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