November 4, 2005

A Cheerful Heart

Scripture Reading — Proverbs 17:22-28

"A cheerful heart is good medicine . . . .” Proverbs 17:22 — 

I’ve met some people who are living examples of the truth of this proverb. They’re like good medicine for me. If you know people like that, you’ll probably agree that they are good for you too.

These are folks who have a heart that holds on to good things that happen. They are grateful for all the good things God gives them in life.

These are folks who remember others who have been a blessing to them and don’t take them for granted. These are folks who can see good when everyone else is
thinking the worst. They treasure the gifts of every day—life, health, friendships, faith, and more. They have hearts that hold on to the promises of God about
his constant care and provision. Somehow these folks never seem to lose sight of the good things God is doing. They have an inner ability to be grateful for all kinds of things that many of us overlook.

This doesn’t mean these people are never sad or sorrowful. They can certainly struggle with being down during tough times. They can cry. They can call out to
God in pain. They can admit disappointment. But they won’t let such things dominate them.

If there are other folks who drag us down, these folks help to pick us up. It’s good for me to be with people like that, and I’m sure it’s good for you too.


Gracious Father, give me a heart that sees and appreciates all of your good gifts in life. Help me to be grateful and to express that to others. I love you, Lord. In Jesus, Amen


Devotion topics: Christianity, Discipleship