March 07, 2006

A Double Miracle

Mark 8:22-26

Once more Jesus put his hands on the man's eyes. Then his eyes were opened ... Mark 8:25


The miracle we read about today is unusual because the healing occurs in two stages. A little insight from recent medical studies may offer a possible explanation. By studying people born blind who have gained sight later in life, scientists have discovered that it is not enough for them to have their physical sight restored. These people also need to learn to process the images that their eyes can now see. Though their eyes can see, their brains cannot handle the visual data, so their vision is jumbled. This is called post-blind syndrome. From this discovery we can see that the man Jesus healed may have had similar conditions.

Whatever the man's conditions were, however, we can also see that Jesus was addressing spiritual blindness through this miracle. In the passage we read yesterday (Mark 8:11-21) the disciples were worried about food even though they were with Jesus. But he had just fed thousands of people by multiplying a few loaves and fish! So he asked, "Do you still not see or understand?" (8:17). Through this miracle, Jesus was showing that it isn't enough just to see. We must also understand that he is with us and that he is Lord over all things.

Are there areas of spiritual blindness in our own lives that cause us to worry needlessly or to forget that we are never far from Jesus' presence?

Dear Lord, please cure us of any spiritual blind spots we might have. Give us eyes of faith to see you more clearly, and give us the courage to follow you in true faith. Amen.

About the author — Kevin DeRaaf

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