A Promise Sure

Scripture Reading — Matthew 7:7-12

Seek and you will find … For everyone who asks receives; those who seek find …
Matthew 7:7–8 — 

The search for God begins with an ironclad promise from Jesus: everyone who looks for God will surely find him. No one comes up empty. All who launch a quest for God can be sure, at the very start, that they will reach their destination. If we ask God to show himself to us, he will. If we knock on his door, it will open to us.

To drive the point home, Jesus compares God with human fathers. Though some fathers terribly neglect or abuse their children, it’s generally true that most fathers have a tender spot in their heart for their own flesh and blood. Many fathers will even lavish their children with more than we might expect.

For example, the ruthless gangster Al Capone loved his boy Sonny so much that when the lad reached his tenth birthday, his father granted his request for a big party—and invited 50 of his friends to come to their home for the celebration. Surprising generosity from a crook and a murderer! But the criminal was also a dad.

So if we consider examples like that, how much more can we count on our Father in heaven, who loves all of us far more than we can ask or imagine (see Ephesians 3:20)! The Father will respond in generous love and grace to all who seek him. It’s impossible for anyone to fail if they really are searching for God, says Jesus. That’s because he is out searching for us even before we begin.


O God, I need you in so many ways. Help me believe that my search for you is not futile. Help me to see that you are actually looking for me, and that I need to follow you. Amen


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