September 06, 2010

Abraham Told to Walk With God

Genesis 17:1-10; Hebrews 11:8-12

The LORD appeared to [Abraham] and said, “… Walk before me faithfully and be blameless.”
Genesis 17:1


Abraham was ninety-nine years old when God promised to make him the father of many nations. And even though Abraham and his wife, Sarah, had not had any children together, God promised that they would have a son. Sarah would be ninety years old when Isaac, the child of the covenant, would be born (Genesis 17:17-19). Nothing is impossible with God!

At the heart of God’s relationship with Abraham was his covenant. Whenever God makes a covenant, he promises something and calls for something in return. God promised Abraham an amazing future, and God called Abraham to serve him faithfully. As a sign that he and his family belonged to God, Abraham was also to circumcise all the males in his whole household.

Abraham had an amazing faith walk. He literally packed his bags, left his family home, and moved to the place where God led him (Genesis 12). Hebrews repeats the promise that Abraham and Sarah, in spite of their advanced age, would have descendents “as countless as the sand on the seashore.”

In an amazing way, God fulfilled that promise in Christ Jesus. Though most of us cannot claim a genealogy that reaches back to Abraham, we can be grafted into his family tree by faith in Abraham’s greatest Son, Jesus. As Paul declares in Galatians 3:7, “Those who have faith [in Christ] are children of Abraham.”

Lord, increase our faith so that we can serve you. Help us through your Spirit to walk with you in faith, trusting in your promises to us. Amen.

About the author — Adrian A. Helleman

Dr. Adrian Helleman served as a pastor in British Columbia before being called to serve as a missionary-teacher in the Philippines. He and his wife, Wendy, later taught philosophy at Moscow State University in Russia, and then philosophy and theology at the University of Jos in Nigeria. They have also lectured in Canada, the United States, South Africa, and Tanzania. They have three children and three grandchildren.

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