Absolutely Positively

Scripture Reading — Revelation 5:6-14

The four living creatures said, “Amen,” and the elders fell down and worshiped.
Revelation 5:14 — 

What are you sure about in life? Other than death and taxes, some people aren’t sure about anything. Many people have a fear of commitment. They drift through life uncertain about anyone or anything. But that’s a miserable way to live. After all, our identity is formed by the commitments we make.

That’s why the little word “Amen” is so important. Many think “Amen” is just an ancient word that marks the end of a sermon or prayer. Many children sitting through an especially long sermon spend their time waiting to hear “Amen” so they can head for the exit.

But “Amen” doesn’t mean “It’s over now.” “Amen” means “in truth it is so.” Adding “Amen” to a prayer or confession means declaring it to be “absolutely positively” true!

In biblical times, it was the custom of the whole congregation to respond to God’s Word and the prayers of their leaders with a united “Amen.” That’s what we see in our reading today. The entire creation, represented in the four living creatures, offers “Amen!” to the good news of the victorious Christ!

What about you? This month we’ve looked through the basics of the Christian faith. What’s your response? Your “Amen” declares that this faith is your faith. Let your “Amen” sound in all you say and do.


Lord, move us from merely knowing your good news to trusting in you today for eternity. Help us add our “Amen” to that of the church of all ages gathered before you. Amen!


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