Assigning Value Together

Scripture Reading — Psalm 102:18-22

The name of the LORD will be declared … when the peoples and the kingdoms assemble to worship …
—Psalm 102:21-22 — 

In Psalm 102, the Bible calls people to come together to worship the Lord. When people come together, they are able to share how God has blessed each of them, and they are able to see how God has been at work in the lives of others.

There is something exciting about being in a group of people. When a room is crowded, it feels like something special is about to happen, and a sense of anticipation grows.

This is probably one of the reasons people like to attend concerts or live sporting events. We can watch a game on television or listen to music on the radio, but the atmosphere of being surrounded by others adds to the experience.

We can—and should—worship God as part of our time alone with him each day. But God offers us opportunities to gather with others so that we can be encouraged in our faith.

When we gather together for the purpose of worship, we gain access to see God’s work in the lives of others. We receive the opportunity to develop friendships, and we are encouraged as we see that we are not alone in the pursuit of growing nearer to God.

Our faith grows as we are encouraged by others while -honoring our Lord.


Lord, help me to see your true worth. Bring others into my life who will help me know your value, so that I may treasure you above all things. Amen.


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