April 30, 2009

By Faith: Confessing Our Faith Today

Hebrews 11:32-40

What more shall I say? … These were all commended for their faith …
Hebrews 11:32, 39


Sports coaches and sports psychologists know the importance of faith. You’ve got to believe … in yourself. You have to believe you can do your sport, or you won’t win. Faith gives drive, energy, confidence.

Our journey through Hebrews 11 has pointed out a variety of things that ordinary people were able to do because they had faith. And their faith was not in themselves but in God. Faith in God is assurance in what God has done and confidence in what God can do … and will do—at the right time, in his time.

True faith focuses both our eyes on God. It also centers our gravity in such a way that it keeps both our feet on the ground even while it lifts our hearts to heaven. Faith enables us to stand tall and live straight. It puts a spring in our step. Faith that is as small as a mustard seed, said Jesus, can move a mountain! One person’s faith can change the world—think of the apostle Paul, for example, or of Martin Luther.

In chapter 11 the writer of Hebrews gives us a high-speed history to illustrate the power of faith. Perhaps you could add the names of some people you know of to the events listed in the closing verses there.

Imagine your name in that list.

What event(s) in your life might be mentioned as an example of faith at work?

Lord, bless us still more with the power of faith in you, till the day when together with all believers who have gone before us we will be made perfect. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

About the author — Gordon Pols

Rev. Gordon Pols and his wife, Ann, have two married children and two grandchildren. After serving four congregations in Western and Central Canada, Rev. Pols retired from active ministry in 2007. He is currently doing parttime pastoral work with West End Christian Reformed Church, Edmonton, Alberta. He also works parttime for Crossroad Bible Institute, promoting a Bible study correspondence course for prison inmates.

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