Daily Devotions about: Parable

Date Title Scripture Reference Topics
May 14, 2024 Using Our Resources for the Kingdom Luke 16:1-15 Parable, Fellowship
December 30, 2023 Good Character Philippians 2:1-11 Parable, Christianity, Discipleship, Service, Life, Christian Life, Community
December 6, 2023 Roll the Window Down Matthew 25:31-46 Parable, Christianity, Discipleship, Love, Life, Christian Life, Community
May 17, 2023 Forgiven and Forgiving Mathew 18:21-35 Parable, Christianity, Doctrine, Forgiveness
May 16, 2023 Kindness To Everyone Luke 10:25-37 Parable, Kindness
September 7, 2022 The Kingdom of God is Like Yeast Matthew 13:31-33 Parable, God, God's Kingdom
January 15, 2022 See Them, See Me Matthew 25:31-40 Parable, Bible, Books of the Bible, Matthew, God, Jesus
January 13, 2022 The Unrighteous Brothers Luke 15:11-32 Parable, Christianity, Doctrine, Forgiveness
April 14, 2020 The Lord Luke 19:28-48 Parable, Christianity, Discipleship, Faith, Praise
April 2, 2020 The Farmer Mark 4:26-29 Parable, Bible, Books of the Bible, Mark, Christianity, Doctrine, New Life, Discipleship, Faith, God, God's Kingdom
August 14, 2019 Foolish Priorities Luke 12:13-21 Parable, Christianity, Doctrine, Judgment, Life, Trials & Challenges, Fear, Christian Life, Resisting God
August 5, 2019 The Rich Man and the Poor Man Luke 16:19-31 Parable, Generosity, Life, Personal Growth, Justice, Wealth
February 26, 2019 The Unknowing Matthew 25:31-40 Parable, Eternity, God, God's Kingdom, Life, Christian Life
February 25, 2019 Come and Share Matthew 25:14-28 Parable, Faithfulness, Christianity, Discipleship, Stewardship, God, God's Kingdom
February 24, 2019 Prepared and Faithful Matthew 25:1-13 Parable, Faithfulness, God, God's Kingdom
February 23, 2019 The Good and the Bad Matthew 22:1-14 Parable, Bible, The Gospel, God, God's Kingdom
February 20, 2019 God’s Free Gift Matthew 19:30-20:16 Parable, Christianity, Discipleship, Grace, God, God's Kingdom
February 19, 2019 Attitude and Action Matthew 18:23-35 Parable, Mercy, Christianity, Doctrine, Forgiveness, God, God's Kingdom
February 13, 2019 Treasured! Matthew 13:44 Treasure, Parable, God, God's Kingdom, Life, Emotions, Joy
February 12, 2019 Mustard Seeds Matthew 13:31-32 Parable, Bible, Good News, God, God's Kingdom
February 11, 2019 Sower, Seeds, Weeds Matthew 13:24-30 Parable, Christianity, Sin, God, God's Kingdom, Life, Personal Growth
February 10, 2019 Sower, Seeds, Soils Matthew 13:3-9, 18-23 Parable, Bible, God's Word, Life, Personal Growth
February 9, 2019 But Not to Them Matthew 13:10-17 Parable, Listening, God, God's Kingdom
January 27, 2019 The Storyteller Luke 15:11-32 Parable, Christianity, Doctrine, Forgiveness, Life, Christian Life, Story