August 08, 2013

Climate Change

Genesis 1:26-28

God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over … all the creatures.”
—Genesis 1:26


Many studies maintain that the earth’s climate is changing. The average temperatures are rising, weather patterns are adjusting, and the ice caps are melting.

I can see some climate-related changes in my native city of Moscow. Our winters have become milder, and the summers are much hotter. As a result, vegetation and animal life in the city parks has changed. In my childhood I never saw the birds that I see today. Human influence might be a factor causing this recent change.

As Christians, what’s our responsibility? The biblical story of creation names us as stewards, or caretakers, of God’s creation. Our dominion over creation shouldn’t be understood as a license to exploit it. The Bible is clear that we must protect the environment from sinful greed.

Have you ever been asked to look after someone else’s expensive home while they were away? The owner welcomes you, saying, “Make yourself comfortable, take whatever you want from the refrigerator, and enjoy yourself!” But this hospitality doesn’t mean you can trash and destroy the property or let your friends do that.

We should seek to fulfill our stewardship calling through wise decision making in our consumption. We should also actively participate in recycling and take up other environmentally friendly practices in our communities.

Our Father, thank you for this beautiful earth you have entrusted to us. Help us to learn how we can become better stewards of your creation. Amen.

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