February 09, 2008

David?S Confession for New Life

Psalm 51

Nathan said to David, ?You are the man!?
2 Samuel 12:7


King David had the power and wealth to do whatever he wanted. One evening while watching Bathsheba bathing, he wanted her. Bathsheba was the wife of his faithful soldier Uriah. David then broke at least four of God?s Ten Commandments in the seamy process of getting Bathsheba. He coveted Uriah?s wife, stole her as a kid shoplifts candy, committed adultery with her, and ordered Uriah killed in battle.

For a while David thought he got away with it. But when his friend Nathan told David a story about a rich man stealing a poor man?s lamb, David became outraged. Then Nathan told him, ?You are the man!? And David confessed, ?I have sinned against the LORD?; Nathan responded, ?The Lord has taken away your sin? (2 Samuel 12:13).

But that wasn?t the end of David?s confession. He poured out his heart to God in Psalm 51. God moved David to use his poetic gifts to confess his sin. He asked God to build a new life for him so that he could teach others to turn back to God.

Would David have confessed his sin unless Nathan had challenged him and held him accountable to God? Did David ever dream his relationship with Nathan would cause such agony and yet lead to forgiveness and renewed life? God often uses friends in just that way.

?Comfort your servant now, while at your throne I bow and call to you. Your pardoning grace is free; sinners who raise their plea your love and mercy see; they are made new.? Amen.

About the author — James and Rose Dekker

James C. Dekker is the pastor of Covenant Christian Reformed Church in St. Catharines, Ontario. Previously he served other congregations in Alberta and Ontario. Rose Dekker serves as a refugee coordinator for the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee in Canada. She also serves as a certified spiritual director. The Dekkers were missionaries for nine years with Christian Reformed World Missions, serving in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Venezuela, and Cuba.

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