January 30, 2007


Scripture Reading — 2 Kings 23:1-16

He burned the high place and ground it to powder. 2 Kings 23:15 — 

After Josiah read the Book of the Law, he was a man on a mission. The history of his actions contains words like "burned," "broke down," "removed," "pulled down," and "smashed." There were vestiges of pagan things everywhere that he hadn't noticed before, and now he couldn't stand the sight of them.

Josiah's mission reminds me of Mike, one of our guys from church. Mike is a guy who likes to fix things, and he often works hard at it. For years he gathered up cheap cars and mechanical things that he thought he might fix and use someday. But now Mike is going to move, and he is working through his barns, burning and cutting apart and dragging off to sell a whole lot of rusty things that look like trash to him now.

Many of us need to clean house too--though we might not realize it. Maybe you believe in God and go to church, but you might also still have your swimsuit posters on the wall, dirty stuff on cable, beer bottles everywhere, or other vestiges of the greed and lust of life rusting away at your soul. It's time to cut down, burn, and cleanse your surroundings of the trash God hates.

You know, sometimes it hurts Mike to get rid of the things he used to treasure. But mostly he feels relieved. He wants to "travel light." So can you. Ask for God's help, and start cleaning!


Father, help me to see with your sight what needs to be removed. Help me break free of the sins and sinful junk that still cling to my heart. Thank you. For Jesus' sake, Amen.


Devotion topics: Bible, Books of the Bible, 1 & 2 Kings