April 21, 2012

Following Jesus at Work

2 Thessalonians 3:6-13

“The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”
—2 Thessalonians 3:10


Children, do you know that following Jesus has as much to do with your Saturday chores as with going to worship on Sunday? Unfortunately, sometimes it is said that Christians are “so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good.” That happened to some Christ followers in Thessalonica. They became so focused on Jesus’ coming again that they forgot their calling to be God’s people in the world every day.

The apostle Paul was a bi-vocational pastor who worked as a tentmaker. He was not afraid to use himself as a role model of a diligent worker. In effect, he said, “If you are unwilling to work, you will not eat.”

This does not mean the Bible wants us to be workaholics or to disrespect people who cannot work. God told Adam and Eve to care for the garden he had made (Genesis 1:28-30), and he showed by example the good rhythm of work and rest (2:2) to help us have a healthy view of work.

Do you have some chores to do? Do them without complaining. Thank the Lord for the opportunity to serve others and to glorify God by using his gifts. And tomorrow, as God gives you the opportunity to rest, thank and praise him for the opportunity to worship him and be reenergized for the work you have to do next week.

Thank you, Father, for the rhythm of work and rest in our lives. May we praise you on Saturday as we do our chores and on Sunday as we gather with fellow believers to worship you. Amen.

About the author — John Van Schepen

Dr. John Van Schepen is a retired pastor who served churches in Washington, Wisconsin, Indiana, Oregon and California. He and his wife, Willie, have been blessed with five children and several grandchildren.

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