August 09, 2008

God of Interruptions

Matthew 6:9-13

“Our Father in heaven … your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
Matthew 6:9-10


About four years before my dad died, he wrote the following in a letter to me and my wife:

The other night I had a … dream about death, and then I got the message that I cannot die yet… God has a very important work for me to do before I leave this world. Now I keep asking God and wondering what it is that I must do.

After he wrote that, he and my mom had the opportunity to have an adult grandson live with them for about a year. That grandson (my nephew) told me later that he learned a lot about God and about marriage from my mom and dad. As Dad lay dying, I told him what his grandson had told me. Then I read for Dad the portion of his letter quoted above. I asked Dad, “Do you think having your grandson live with you was the ?very important work' God had for you to do before leaving this world?” Taking in even a great guy like my nephew brought some challenges for my seventy-something parents. But Dad did not hesitate when I asked him this question. “Yes,” he said, “that was the work God had set out for me yet before I die.” When an “interruption” comes into your life, it may be God's answer to your prayer, “Your will be done.”

Our Father, “your will be done.” And keep our will conformed to your will, especially with interruptions that come into our lives. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

About the author — Mark Stephenson

Rev. Mark Stephenson is the Director of Disability Concerns for the Christian Reformed Church in North America. Previously he served in two congregations in Michigan. He and his wife have four children.

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