June 06, 2008

God, the Teacher

Micah 4:1-7

“He will teach us his ways, so that we may walk in his paths.”
Micah 4:2


Who is your favorite teacher?

Most of us, especially when we think of something we love to do, can remember a teacher whose lessons inspired us. Perhaps for you it is a basketball coach who corrected your shooting technique, or a music teacher whose joy inspired you, or a plumber or writer who apprenticed you to their trade.

Whatever kind of work they are in, the best teachers do a lot more than give out information. They lead us down a path. They model a whole way of doing things.

The Bible tells us to imagine God as our teacher. And the Bible itself is God’s master textbook, a book filled with more insights than we will ever fully comprehend.

The question for us is whether we will be patient enough and teachable enough to become good learners. Will we look to God not only for some information about how to be saved but also for a whole way of doing things?

Will we look to God to model for us a whole way of life—a way to “walk in his paths”?

In time, as our text from Micah says, all the nations of the earth will look to God as their teacher, as the most reliable guide to a flourishing life. But there is no reason why any of us would have to wait for the lessons to begin. God is calling us to learn from him today.

God of all wisdom, in this world filled with information but lacking in true wisdom, make us teachable. Help us learn to love the kind of learning you offer in your Word. Amen.

About the author — John D. Witvliet

Dr. John D. Witvliet has served as a professor at Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary for the past 11 years, as well as serving as Director of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. He and his wife, Charlotte, have four children.

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