God's Creation

Scripture Reading — Psalm 19:1-6

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.
Psalm 19:1 — 

Do you enjoy fishing? If you do, it’s probably a relaxing form of recreation for you. When my grandfather was young, he had to go fishing to feed his younger siblings. Fishing was a necessity, not a kind of recreation.

Many years later he still fished, but then it was for recreation. Often he would take me along. Together we enjoyed the breathtaking beauty around us. At that time neither of us had a clear understanding that we were taking in the glory of God’s creation. Still, we both felt something majestic, almost religious, in the sunrise over quiet lake waters.

Today’s verses tell us that God’s creation preaches a sermon about its Creator. The whole world is invited to hear and enjoy this proclamation of God’s glory and majesty. Creation is not divine, but it does reflect to us God’s wisdom, power, and beauty.

We cannot fully know God by simply admiring his creation, however. Only through God’s Word can we begin to know about the Lord’s deep love and grace shown in his Son, Jesus Christ. The Scriptures are like powerful glasses that help us to see everything clearly.

Next time you are out in God’s world, pay close attention to his amazing work—and praise him for the beauty of his creation as you also give thanks for his love and amazing grace.


Lord, thank you for your world that proclaims your glory. Thank you for sending your Son so that we can see you more clearly and be reconciled to you. Amen.


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