August 15, 2013

God's Help in Drought

1 Kings 17:1-6

“You will drink from the brook, and I have directed the ra-vens to supply you with food there.”
—1 Kings 17:4


Our listener Tatyana could hardly cope with her loss. Her father died unexpectedly. To quote her, after the funeral she found herself in “great emotional drought and pain.” Tatyana’s eventual healing came through prayers, reading of the Psalms, and the caring hearts of her church friends.

In today’s Scripture we read about a drought in ancient Israel. But in the drought, the Lord provides special care for his messenger, Elijah.

There’s nothing unusual about an occasional dry spell in the desert-like climate of the Middle East. However, this time there would be neither dew nor rain for three years. In these extreme conditions Elijah needed God’s special provisions. We read that the “word of the LORD” leads the prophet to a safe oasis where he finds a reliable source of fresh water. Miraculously he is fed by ravens that bring him bread and meat twice a day.

Maybe you find yourself in the midst of a long emotional drought. Don’t despair. Help is at hand. In the person of Jesus Christ, God revealed his special care for us. He will help you if you are willing to trust his love.

And if everything is going well in your life, could it be that the Lord wants you to become one of his miraculous “ravens” to take care of others?

Lord, thank you for being with us even when we go through difficult times. May your love in Jesus Christ be our daily comfort and motivation for helping others. Amen.

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