Golden Rule Evangelism

Scripture Reading — Matthew 25:34-46; Luke 6:27-31

“If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt.”
Luke 6:29 — 

These words are hard to hear! What is the best way to respond to the disabled veteran on the corner with his cardboard sign? How much am I influenced by my own selfishness? “I’ve earned it; it’s mine!” Jesus calls us to witness through our generosity: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

We have learned that “random acts of kindness” and serving the “least of these” in the community are powerful ways of authenticating the gospel. In fact, that is the gospel. The gospel is both word and deed.

We must begin by understanding that we are only stewards of the blessings God has allowed us to have. Everything we have belongs to God. Along with this awareness comes the trust that God is our provider and will supply our needs. So sharing becomes an act of trust in God. It becomes an opportunity to more directly experience God’s generosity to us.

What a blessing we experience when we do share! There is so much joy in giving away. And even more so when our right hand does not know what our left hand is doing (see Matthew 6:3-4). As you join Jesus in his mission, be aware of the hungry, thirsty, and under-clothed. As you generously share, discover Christ in those moments.


Lord, you know how many times we have ignored the hungry, the poor, and other hurting people who have crossed our paths. Forgive us. Give us your discernment to know how to share your love today. Amen.


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