September 18, 2007

Greater Works

Scripture Reading — John 9:1-12

"This happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life."  John 9:3


A docent is a trained guide who works in a museum. This person points out works of art or other exhibits to the untrained eye. Without a docent to assist us, many of us would not be able to really "see" much of what is being exhibited.

In a way, Jesus was like a docent for his disciples in training. They could not see the blind man as Jesus saw him. Jesus wanted them to see from his viewpoint.

The disciples saw the blind man as a problem to solve, not as a person who could be an instrument for God's glory. When we look only for sin and problems in people's lives, we miss the greater work Jesus wants to do: restore the light that has been put out in people's hearts. Blindness was not a puzzle to solve; it made for an occasion to show the work of God in a person's life.

I would have made the same mistake as the disciples. Jesus was interested in restoring a blind man to a right relationship with God, not assessing blame or fault. Thank God that Jesus sees people better than I do.

The restored man responded by showing people that he could see, and he openly testified to God's grace and power. "I am the man," he finally had to say to some who doubted his identity. He was a witness to others of what Jesus had done for him.

How about you?


<p>Dear Jesus, open our eyes so that we can see people as you see them-people in need of the Light of the world. May we also testify to your grace and power in our lives. Amen.</p>


Devotion topics: Christianity, Discipleship