August 02, 2011

Hosea's Love Story

Hosea 3

“Love her as the Lord loves the Israelites, though they turn to other gods …”
Hosea 3:1


Gomer was a woman with a questionable reputation. Nevertheless, Hosea obeyed God’s command, and they married. But their marriage soon faltered. Gomer, a promiscuous woman, left Hosea for other men, just as Israel had left the Lord for other gods.

What’s a betrayed spouse to do? God tells Hosea to do the unthinkable: “Show your love to your wife again.” Gomer had humiliated Hosea by pursuing prostitution and empty promises of love from other men. But Hosea paid to bring Gomer back. And as they began their renewed life together, Hosea insisted on a renewed pledge of faithfulness.

An unlikely story? Maybe. But it’s our story! The world whispers its seductive promises to us: “Money brings happiness.” “Thin means beautiful.” “Every one’s doing it!” Like a wayward spouse, we chase false promises, but we soon find we are enslaved by destructive lies.

The glorious news of the gospel is that God takes extreme steps to redeem us. Hosea bought his wife’s freedom with fifteen pieces of silver, but God has bought our freedom with the blood of his own Son! Because he has redeemed us, he calls us into a renewed relationship of adoration and obedience.

What are we doing to show our gratitude to God for all he has done?

Father, you have delivered us from the power of sin and death. We give you all thanks and praise! Teach us to live each day in faithful obedience to your Word. Amen.

About the author — Rob Toornstra

Rob Toornstra has served as pastor of Sunnyslope Christian Reformed Church in Salem, Oregon, since 2006. When not busy with pastoral duties, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Amy, and their three children.

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