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Scripture Reading — Psalm 19

The law of the LORD is perfect, refreshing the soul.
Psalm 19:7 — 

Church worship services can be infected by the same plague that twists the rest of our life. The morning paper, our e–mail inbox, and television besiege us with words, many of them cheap and empty. Why would anyone come to church to hear more?

Psalm 19 begins with what seems to be a reason to keep us from church: “The heavens declare the glory of God.” Each starry constellation, meadowlark song, and biological breakthrough displays God’s wonder. So why not worship at our favorite campsite?

But the fallen world speaks with a garbled voice. Consider that many animals run in a pack. When one falls, do others turn and help? No, they keep running.

Nature’s speech is not enough. Who would imagine that God is love? Who would guess that God would send his Son to die and save the world from ruin? No one. Left to our own natural abilities, we would invent a religion of human achievement. We would celebrate overachievers and mock people who fail. We would divide the world into good and bad people. We need God’s Word to tell us the important things that nature can’t. God’s Word enriches our spirit. It radiates divine love. It feeds our soul.

Thank God he gave us his Word to tell us about Jesus, who restores our soul (see Psalm 23:3).


Dear God, we love your Word and your world! Help us to learn from it each day. Thank you that your commands and grace are always with us. In Jesus, Amen


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