February 09, 2010

Incentives: Pasture

Isaiah 65:1-16

“Sharon will become a pasture for flocks … for my people who seek me.”
Isaiah 65:10


Pasture—what a rich word! For a grazing animal, pasture represents abundance. Surrounded by acres of green grass, sheep or cows leisurely munch to their hearts’ content on food designed to keep growing right under their feet. Pasture represents unending provision in a peaceful setting.

Maybe you know people who are deeply content in a way like this. There’s a certain calm about them. They have a quiet confidence. They are also deeply resourceful. They seem to know what to do in almost every situation, as if they have an unending supply of wisdom for right living.

Isaiah begins his chapter by explaining that this kind of life is actually a gift of pure grace. Even though it is the result of seeking God, the people who have found this pasture–life didn’t start out seeking God at all. It was sheer mercy that got them started. God says, “I was found by those who did not seek me.” And he pictures himself calling out, “Here am I, here am I,” to people who weren’t even calling on his name.

Some were given the ears to hear God’s voice in a culture full of heathen practices. They found God’s pasture because they sought the God who was seeking them.

If today we hear God’s voice, let’s search him out. There’s real pasture up ahead.

Father, life can be so draining for me. I long to know the pasture–life. In your grace, move me to find you and to draw from your resources to help feed others. In Jesus’ name, Amen

About the author — Kenneth D. Koeman

Rev. Ken Koeman is a pastor at Bellevue, Washington, Christian Reformed Church. He has written Today devotions in past years and has also authored numerous articles for The Banner, the magazine of the Christian Reformed Church. Ken and his wife, Kay, live in Bellevue and have two children and five grandchildren.

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