iT's Time

Scripture Reading — Mark 1:14-20

“The time has come … The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news!”
Mark 1:15 — 

I remember the night my wife went into labor with our fourth child.

We were watching television together, and I stepped out of the room for a minute. Suddenly, I heard my wife call, “Scott, it’s time!”

I knew exactly what her words meant.

We hurried to our van, and within minutes we were speeding toward the hospital.

Thankfully, we made it in time for our son to be born.

The first recorded words of Jesus in Mark’s gospel account are “The time has come!”

Those four short words carried an important message to people back then. They announced the arrival of the Messiah (Christ), the promised deliverer of God’s people and the Savior of the world. Ever since Adam and Eve had rebelled against God, all of creation waited for this moment, and now it had come.

Jesus came announcing the kingdom of God, the rule of God over all things. In Jesus, God actually came to live among us, and Jesus taught many surprising things about the kingdom as he gathered followers who would carry on his mission.

Jesus will also come again—probably sooner than we think—and then he will judge the living and the dead.

Are we ready? It’s time to be ready today!


Father, thank you for coming near to us through your Son, Jesus. Thank you for the kingdom promises he came to fulfill. May we draw near to you in faith through him. Amen.


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