Jesus Will Return

Scripture Reading — Mark 13:32-37

“What I say to you, I say to everyone: ‘Watch!’”
Mark 13:37 — 

Through the years Christians have searched the Bible trying to determine when Jesus will return. Many books have been written by people who say they have discovered some formula or some new evidence for determining when Jesus will come back.

But that’s foolish, because Jesus said clearly that only the Father knows the day and hour of his return.

What Jesus wants from us is that we’ll be ready when he comes.

Readiness means living each day according to Christ’s commandments.

It means carrying out as best we can the assignments he has given.

It means living in a constant state of readiness and expectation.

We don’t know the precise time Jesus will return, but we do know that he will return.

In the busyness of life we tend to forget that Jesus will return. Jesus understood our forgetfulness, and for that reason he said, with great emphasis, “Watch and be ready!”

Jesus didn’t leave us with a date on the calendar, but he did make perfectly clear that he is coming again!

Do you believe what Jesus has said?

Are you ready for his return?


Lord, as the signs of your coming multiply, may we be ready, living godly lives and doing the work you’ve given us to do. Give us your wisdom to live faithfully. Amen.


Devotion topics: Bible, Books of the Bible, Mark