March 02, 2006

Journey of a Lifetime

Mark 1:16-20

"Come, follow me," Jesus said. Mark 1:17


I remember going on a big journey with my family when I was 13 years old. We headed south from our home in Canada early one July morning. Much of what we did was planned beforehand. We saw the sights of Washington, D.C., and explored places like Nashville and DisneyWorld. But there were also surprises. We stumbled onto the World's Fair in Knoxville and even saw one of the first space shuttles take off from Cape Canaveral. I will never forget that wonderful adventure.

When the disciples accepted the invitation to journey with Jesus, there were no set plans. Jesus' followers had no idea what lay before them. All they sensed was that following this teacher who'd invited them would be a good thing. They didn't want to pass up such a great opportunity.

Along the way, they discovered some wonderful surprises. As we'll see over the next few weeks, they witnessed amazing miracles, heard profound teachings, and learned more about themselves than they ever knew. Even more important, they learned about Jesus.

Today Jesus invites us to come and follow him. Before us is the journey of a lifetime: an adventure into God's kingdom. And let me tell you--there's no better choice you can make in your life than to accept this invitation. Let Jesus rule your life. Step into his kingdom.

Lord, we know every journey includes joys and challenges, routines and unexpected surprises. May our lives be a journey of walking with you hand in hand each day. Amen.

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