King of the Lost and Found

Scripture Reading — 1 Samuel 9:1-6; 10:14-24

“Has the man come here yet?” And the Lord said, “Yes, he has hidden himself among the supplies.”
1 Samuel 10:22 — 

The road to Israel’s throne begins with a double search. First, Kish the Benjamite loses his donkeys, and his son Saul and a servant look for the animals but can’t find them. Then the prophet Samuel announces that Saul will be king, and Saul disappears. Later he is found hiding in an area where supplies are kept. What an uneven start to Saul’s royal career!

Looking for things (and people) is a recurring biblical theme. The road to Christ’s throne begins with shepherds looking for a baby. Twelve years later, his frantic parents comb through Jerusalem, looking for their son, Jesus, who says to them, “Me, lost? When I’m in my Father’s house, I’m right at home” (see Luke 2).

Of course, the greatest seeker is Jesus himself. Nobody traveled the country looking for the lost more than he did (Luke 19:10).

These ancient seeker stories aren’t coincidental. If Kish could be concerned about lost donkeys, God could certainly use that to bring Saul to Samuel. And Saul was too tall to really lose himself among the supplies. God knew where he was.

What about you and me who have strayed far from God’s way of life for us? Will we keep hiding among our baggage, or will we accept our share in the Lord’s anointing and return home? What a wonderful invitation for followers of Jesus, King of the lost and found.


Father, your eyes are always on us, your children. Lord, thank you for seeking and finding and transforming us. Amen.


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