Learning and Teaching

Scripture Reading — Proverbs 8:1-11

You who are simple, gain prudence; you who are foolish, gain understanding.
Proverbs 8:5 — 

When does the learner become the teacher? When do we know enough to share our knowledge with others?

Many of us have had the pleasure and privilege of teaching—whether formally or informally. Whether in the classroom or in everyday life, we have experienced the joy of helping others learn. Many of us have also noticed that as we teach, we often find that we learn the most! It seems there’s always more to learn. Learning and teaching form a relationship that benefits both the learner and the teacher.

Often, of course, teachers feel as if they do not know enough to be able to teach. They may be intimidated by their students or by the material they are dealing with. Or they may simply be aware of how much they don’t know! Yet a sense of our limitations should never keep us from sharing our knowledge and wisdom with others.

Proverbs has a healthy respect for the student and the teacher, recognizing that both teacher and learner must have a teachable spirit. The wise person is always ready to learn. The fool is one who knows so much as to learn nothing.

In your relationships with others, share your knowledge and wisdom respectfully. And as you do, continue to grow in self-discovery and self-awareness.


Teach us your ways, O Lord, and give us an understanding heart so that we may lead others to you and your truth. Give us your wisdom, that we may share it with others. Amen.