My Shepherd

Scripture Reading — Psalm 23

The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
Psalm 23:1 — 

I want. You want. All of us want.

Austin loves Legos the way a gardener loves roses, the way a marine biologist loves otters, the way a roofer loves a thirst–quencher on a hot summer day. Austin memorizes Lego magazines. He studies the Lego website. He cleans his room, earns his allowance, and saves his birthday money to buy his heart’s desire: a giant Star Wars Lego set.

Heather styles her hair. She carefully applies make–up. She reads through all the new fashion magazines. She works out at the gym. All with one goal in mind: she wants a boyfriend. Friday night she watches TV reruns alone and thinks, “If only I had a boyfriend.” Sunday in church she scans the seats for single men, thinking, “I wish I had a boyfriend.”

Bill wants a new 35–foot boat. He wants a designer pool. He wants a happy marriage. He wants a job with better health insurance. He wants the past 20 years back.

Advertisers identify and accent our cravings. In a world of broken relationships, they create luring images of a perfect family. In a world of rusted Ford Broncos, they show us a handsome driver in a new hybrid SUV.

In this world, what can it mean to pray, “The LORD is my shepherd, I lack [or want] nothing”? It must have something to do with the shepherd and his care.


Lord, in a world of wants, lead us to your goodness and mercy. Guide us to see that you care for our needs—and much more. Through Jesus, the good shepherd, we pray. Amen


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