Night and Day

Scripture Reading — Psalm 139:7-12

The night will shine like the day, for darkness is as light to you.
Psalm 139:12 — 

People everywhere know that the brilliance of the noonday sun is offset by the dark of midnight. The psalmist used that contrast to teach us something comforting about the Creator who loves and cares for us.

In the clarity of bright light we may find that we have a reason to hide from others or even from ourselves. Sometimes the light can be so bright that it’s blinding and can injure our eyes. The sun’s blazing heat can also make us dry and thirsty.

When the sun is hot and blazing, darkness can be cool and inviting. But darkness both attracts and threatens. Fearful of the unknown and the obscure, we flee from deep darkness.

Sometimes, though, we use semi-darkness as a cloak to conceal actions that are dishonorable or destructive. The half-light of dusk, for example, gives us enough light to function and enough darkness to conceal.

But God doesn’t need day or night—or even dusk. Day and night are alike to God. “Darkness is as light to you.” God can see in the deepest darkness and the brightest light. The psalmist finds great comfort in realizing that he cannot use either day or night to separate himself from God and his love.

God’s presence gives comfort and guidance. So wherever we are, we are safe in God’s care.


Lord of day and night, pursue us with your love and find us wherever we may be hiding. Help us to recognize your love and care and to find comfort in you. Amen.