One Day Closer

Scripture Reading — Romans 13:8-14

The hour has already come … our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.
Romans 13:11 — 

What time is it? No matter what time it is right now, it’s important to drop everything and pick up God’s great gift for you. The gift is salvation from sin to eternal life through faith in Jesus. Nothing could make anyone happier. Enjoy this gift today!

The new age of the kingdom has broken into this broken world with the resurrection of Jesus. Resurrection happenings aren’t just in the future or the past. They are defining the very moment in which we live! Those who trust in Jesus don’t wait for judgment day to hear God declare them forgiven. God’s pardon is real today. It may take people time to heal from hurts and receive forgiveness from others, but God’s forgiveness is instantaneous. What joy it is to experience cleansing from all our sins right now!

The gift of eternal life begins the day we are born again. Right now we can live an abundant life in Jesus, with eternal life in God’s renewed creation just around the corner.

Our joy today is that we are one day closer to experiencing God’s perfect and eternal gift than we were yesterday. If today is not going as well as you would like, remember that Christians are one day closer to heaven, where there are no troubles, no tears, and no time of sorrow.

Have joy in Jesus! Please pray for that.


Dear Jesus, thank you so much for taking my place. You paid for my sin. You bought my salvation. I want to live a life of praise to you. My joy is in you, Lord. Amen.


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