July 09, 2007

Only This One God

Isaiah 40:18-26

"You shall have no other gods before me." Exodus 20:3


In the Ten Commandments, God helps us identify the main relational barriers--the sins--that can get between us and him.

Thankfully the first commandment isn't a big deal since almost everyone believes in God--or is it? I suppose that depends on what God is asking of us here.

The first commandment is much more than simply a call to believe in the existence of a higher being. This is a practical command. The "other gods" of which this command speaks include any persons or things in my life to which I give an excessive amount of loyalty, or for which I have an excessive amount of affection. My "god" is the person or thing highest in rank or authority in my life. This command, then, isn't simply about my abstract beliefs. This command is about how I live and what I value most.

God isn't just saying we need to believe he exists. The God of the Bible wants to be the only God in our lives. If we follow some other god, that will be a barrier to our relationship with the true God.

I need to look closely at my agenda for today, the people I spend time with, and how I spend my money. How "god-like" are these activities in my life?

Is there some barrier-breaking that I need to do so that God will be first in my life?

Almighty God, believing you exist is no huge feat. Valuing you as my one and only God is much more difficult. Please show me how I am doing and where I may change. Amen.

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