July 07, 2007

Our Role in God's Solution

Psalm 32

I acknowledged my sin to you ... And you forgave the guilt of my sin. Psalm 32:5


Sin taints our spiritual blood and separates us from God. But Jesus offers a spiritual "marrow transplant" that restores our spiritual circulatory system. Because of that, we can now have fellowship with God again.

Except ...

Except that we still sin. We may be saved, but we still sin. So let's push the imagery a little farther. If "Jesus in me" is the source of the new "blood" I need, and nothing can change that wonderful truth in my life, what do I do about the fact that I keep tainting my new spiritual blood?

How do I deal with this everyday contamination?

That's what Psalm 32 is about. If our heart's desire is to connect with God, to live in good relationship with the Lord, then we will want to get rid of the stuff that gets between us and God. And the way to do that, God says, is to go through a daily kind of "dialysis"--a process that helps cleanse our "blood" of the daily guilt that makes it dirty and separates us from God.

In the strength of God's Holy Spirit, we pursue that "dialysis" by taking a look at ourselves, honestly confessing our sins before Jesus, and asking him to cleanse us of it. That's what forgiveness is all about. Without it, separation only grows. With it, relationship gets restored each time again.

Lord Jesus, thank you for giving us an ever-renewed relationship with our God. By your Spirit, help us daily to come to you for cleansing. In your name we pray. Amen.

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