February 19, 2010

Pathways: Pilgrimage

2 Chronicles 11:1-17

Those … who set their hearts on seeking the LORD … followed the Levites to Jerusalem …
2 Chronicles 11:16


Just how does a person go about seeking God? What are the pathways other God–seekers have walked?

One pathway is pilgrimage. Moving. After the kingdom of Israel split in two, people gave up their lands and homes and moved miles to a new home, just to seek after God.

They did that because the rebel King Jeroboam had made idols for the people to worship as if they were God. He wanted to keep the people of his northern kingdom away from the temple of the Lord in Jerusalem, which was in the southern kingdom ruled by Rehoboam, son of Solomon (see 1 Kings 12).

But loyal Levites and others whose hearts were set on seeking God would have none of that. Wanting to worship only the true God, they gladly parted with their property and left. Soon hundreds traveled the pathways to Jerusalem, where they found true worship among God’s faithful people.

Seeking God may require thoughtful relocation—at least temporarily. Some places are more conducive to seeking God than others, as Jesus showed by his early morning routine of rising early and going to a “solitary place” (Mark 1:35). Sometimes the dorm room, bus, office, and family room are too busy with people and Internet access. Get up. Relocate. Find quiet. Then listen.

Father, nudge me to move to another place, if necessary, and away from distractions so I can seek you with all my heart. Help me to worship you only. In Jesus’ name, Amen

About the author — Kenneth D. Koeman

Rev. Ken Koeman is a pastor at Bellevue, Washington, Christian Reformed Church. He has written Today devotions in past years and has also authored numerous articles for The Banner, the magazine of the Christian Reformed Church. Ken and his wife, Kay, live in Bellevue and have two children and five grandchildren.

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