Ready to Go Deep

Scripture Reading — Acts 8:26-40

“How can I [understand],” he said, “unless someone explains it to me?”
Acts 8:31 — 

My friend Lou told me a scary scuba story one day. Since we were out on the lake at the time, it was easy to visualize the story. An inexperienced diver panicked and fought to take Lou’s respirator. Lou somehow calmed the other diver so that together they could slowly swim to the surface, sharing the same air. My friend’s knowledge of diving and calm presence brought life to a situation that threatened death. It’s easy to see why divers should never go down into the depths alone!

Traveling the Gaza road in his chariot, an African emissary was struggling by himself to make sense of a sacred scroll. Something about Isaiah’s description of a “suffering servant” captivated him: a man who was led like a lamb to slaughter and did not defend himself? An innocent victim shorn of justice, dignity, and descendants? Though the African eunuch admitted his ignorance and had questions, he was already closer to the truth than many.

Then the Spirit sent Philip to be the man’s diving partner. Together they explored deeply Christ’s redeeming death, and Philip helped the man rise up in faith as together they breathed the same resurrection air.

Many people outside the faith are careful thinkers. Their searching is marked by integrity, humility, and personal dissatisfaction with how the world is. It’s our mission to come alongside them. Are you ready to go deep?


Lord, give us listening ears, sharp minds, and courage to help all who deeply seek truth. Amen.


Devotion topics: Christianity, Discipleship, Witness