December 26, 2006

Remembering Christmas Joy

Scripture Reading — Numbers 15:37-41

"You will have these tassels to look at and so you will remember ..." Numbers 15:39 — 

Most of us have certain unique habits. One of mine is that I often drink my morning cups of coffee from a brightly colored, somewhat tacky Christmas mug. It's decorated with pictures of Christmas trees, candy canes, and colored lights. I drink coffee out of it year-round--and not just because I like it. This mug helps to remind me of Christmas all year long.

Throughout the Bible we find reminders. In today's reading we see that God instructed the Israelites to make tassels for the corners of their garments so they would remember the Lord's commands. Another example is in Joshua 4, where God commands his people to take twelve stones from the Jordan River and set them up as a reminder of how the Lord brought them safely through the river on dry ground.

Many churches today have crosses to remind us of Christ's sacrifice for us. Crosses remind us that Jesus died on a cross for our sins. And the empty cross symbol reminds us that Jesus' saving work is finished and that he rose to life again.

After the Christmas season has passed, we continue to remember that God gave us the gift of his Son. If you have any trouble remembering the joy, goodwill, and grace of this season, however, leave a Christmas decoration up throughout the year as a reminder.


Lord, we confess that we often need reminding about your wonderful gift of grace through the birth of your Son. Help us to live every day in the joy of Christmas. Amen.


Devotion topics: Seasons, Christmas