Searching and Giving Up

Scripture Reading — Luke 15:1-10

“Does he not … go after the lost sheep until he finds it?”
Luke 15:4 — 

When something we cherish is lost, we search intensely and extensively. There may be times when we turn a place upside down in our search for something that is important to us. We may even ask others to help because we place such a high value on the thing we are searching for.

Our throwaway society, however, believes that few things have great value. We don’t even appreciate each other very much. Relationships can fray and die, and we can come up with all kinds of reasons to avoid rebuilding old ties. After all, the effort is great and the reward is doubtful.

But Jesus says that God doesn’t operate this way. In Jesus’ parable of the lost sheep, the search is on for one out of 100; in the story of the lost coin, it’s for one out of ten. And further into Luke 15, our chapter for today, Jesus tells a memorable story about a lost son. (Or are there two lost sons? Read it for yourself and see.)

Even though some people may judge the search for something lost to be out of proportion with the value of the lost item, the search continues until the lost is found.

God the Father has seen value in you as he has sought you out and reclaimed you for himself.

Join with God today in rejoicing over others whom he has searched for and found.


Thank you, Father, for searching for me whenever and wherever I have distanced myself from you and your love. Thank you for not giving up. In Jesus’ name, Amen.