Seek Him While He Can Be Found

Scripture Reading — Hosea 10:12-15

It is time to seek the Lord …
Hosea 10:12 — 

Yes, it is time to seek the Lord. The duties, distractions, and drain of life demand that we seek the Lord! Without heartfelt seeking we are hollow people with empty hearts and lives. Life renewal comes only when we seek the Lord.

In today’s Scripture we discover how people in the Bible experienced hard times because they tried to live life in their own strength. Although the circumstances and places are foreign to us, we know that as long as we trust our own judgment, try to go it alone, or follow the way of least resistance, we find disappointment and maybe even disaster.

We were created to live in community with God. But how do we do that? It’s hard to be optimistic even about finding a sock lost in the laundry. How can we be optimistic about finding the God of eternity?

The good news is that we can be upbeat in our search—not because of our unerring sense of spiritual direction, but because of God’s faithfulness. God himself says through the prophet Jeremiah: “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13).

God is found by all who truly seek him. And when we find the Lord, we discover that he himself has been seeking us.


Lord, I’m seeking you right now. Let me feel your presence, your power, your purity, your pardon. How I want to walk and talk with you, Jesus. Hear me, please. Amen.


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