April 12, 2024

Servant Leadership I

Mark 10:42-45

“Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.”

—  Mark 10:43

Leadership is not about exerting power and control but about serving others with humility and love. Jesus, our ultimate example of leadership, taught us that true greatness lies in sacrificial servanthood and selfless influence.

In a world that often values ambition and self-promotion, leadership that is rooted in humility and compassion stands out. A servant leader seeks the well-being and development of the people they lead, empowering them to reach their full potential. A servant leader listens, supports, and guides with empathy and grace.

True leadership is not defined by titles or positions but by the impact we have on others. Every interaction, decision, and action provides an opportunity to lead with integrity, authenticity, and a genuine concern for others.

As leaders, we are called to follow Jesus’ example. We are called to lead with love, inspiring and empowering the people around us to grow and flourish. Our influence should reflect the character of Christ, nurturing an environment of trust, collaboration, and mutual respect.

May we embrace the call to leadership with humility and grace. May we put the needs of others ahead of our own, seeking to serve rather than be served. As we lead with compassion and integrity, let’s point others to the ultimate servant leader, Jesus Christ.

Lord Jesus, teach us to lead with humility, love, and grace, following your example. Grant us wisdom, discernment, and compassion, we pray. Amen.

About the author — Darrell Delaney

Darrell Delaney is a cohost of ReFrame’s podcast ministry Groundwork and serves as lead chaplain with Reach the Forgotten Jail Ministry in Michigan. He considers it his life’s calling to create and facilitate life-giving environments in which people can thrive and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Darrell and his wife, Kia, have three children. He enjoys spending time with family, walking, reading, and playing basketball, chess, and video games.

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