Author: Darrell Delaney

Darrell Delaney is a cohost of ReFrame’s podcast ministry Groundwork and serves as lead chaplain with Reach the Forgotten Jail Ministry in Michigan. He considers it his life’s calling to create and facilitate life-giving environments in which people can thrive and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Darrell and his wife, Kia, have three children. He enjoys spending time with family, walking, reading, and playing basketball, chess, and video games.

Devotions by Darrell Delaney

Date Title Scripture Reference Topics
April 30, 2024 Seeking God’s Presence Psalm 42:1-5 Life, Emotions, Joy, Peace
April 29, 2024 When Life Throws You Curveballs Psalm 46:1-3 Christianity, Discipleship, Prayer, Life, Trials & Challenges
April 28, 2024 Trusting God’s Leading Isaiah 42:1-9 Bible, Books of the Bible, Isaiah, Life, Trials & Challenges
April 27, 2024 Imitating Christ’s Humility Philippians 2:1-5 Humility, Christianity, Discipleship, Service
April 26, 2024 Work: Serving God With Excellence Colossians 3:23-24 Life, Personal Growth, Purpose, Work
April 25, 2024 Trusting God in Uncertainty Psalm 89:8-16 Bible, Books of the Bible, Psalms, Life, Personal Growth, Purpose, Christian Life, Trust
April 24, 2024 When We are Grieving Psalm 34:17-19 Christianity, Discipleship, Grace, Prayer, Life, Emotions, Grief
April 23, 2024 Finding Tranquility in God’s Presence Philippians 4:4-7 Christianity, Discipleship, Prayer, Life, Emotions, Peace
April 22, 2024 Dealing With Anger Ephesians 4:25-32 Reconciliation, Christianity, Doctrine, Forgiveness
April 21, 2024 Dealing With Conflict Romans 12:17-19 God, Holy Spirit, Life, Emotions, Peace, Trials & Challenges
April 20, 2024 Discerning God’s Will Proverbs 16:1-3, 9 Wisdom, Life, Personal Growth, Purpose
April 19, 2024 Transitions James 4:13-15 Christianity, Discipleship, Prayer, Life, Christian Life, Trust
April 18, 2024 Dealing With Doubt Psalm 56:1-13 Bible, God's Word, Christianity, Doctrine, Truth
April 17, 2024 Drawing Near to God James 4:7-10 Rest, Christianity, Discipleship, Love, Life, Emotions, Joy
April 16, 2024 Spiritual Warfare Ephesians 6:10-18 Bible, God's Word, Christianity, Doctrine, Truth, Discipleship, Faith
April 15, 2024 Singleness: Embracing God’s Purpose 1 Corinthians 7:7-9 Christianity, Discipleship, Service, Life, Family & Relationships, Personal Growth, Purpose
April 14, 2024 Trusting God Proverbs 3:5-6 Humility, Life, Christian Life, Trust
April 13, 2024 Servant Leadership II Matthew 20:25-28 Life, Personal Growth, Selflessness, Christian Life, Following Jesus
April 12, 2024 Servant Leadership I Mark 10:42-45 Wisdom, Christianity, Discipleship, Love, Life, Christian Life, Following Jesus
April 11, 2024 Gratitude: A Heart of Thankfulness 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Thankfulness, Christianity, Discipleship, Grace
April 10, 2024 Secure in God’s Grace Romans 10:9-13 Faithfulness, Christianity, Salvation
April 9, 2024 Embracing God’s Unconditional Love Romans 8:31-39 Christianity, Discipleship, Love, Grace
April 8, 2024 Overcoming Fear Isaiah 41:8-10 Christianity, Discipleship, Faith, Life, Trials & Challenges, Fear, Christian Life, Promises
April 7, 2024 Finding Hope in God’s Promises Psalm 42:5-11 Christianity, Discipleship, Prayer, Life, Emotions, Hope
April 6, 2024 Worshiping God in Spirit and Truth John 4:23-24 Bible, Books of the Bible, Gospel of John, Christianity, Discipleship, Worship
April 5, 2024 Marriage: A Sacred Union Ephesians 5:21-26 Christianity, Discipleship, Love, Life, Family & Relationships
April 4, 2024 Fatherhood: Reflecting God’s Love Psalm 103:1-18 Christianity, Discipleship, Love, God, God the Father
April 3, 2024 Cross-Cultural Connections Revelation 7:9-12 Unity, Revelation
April 2, 2024 Discipleship: Embracing the Call Matthew 4:18-22 Christianity, Discipleship, Life, Personal Growth, Commitment
April 1, 2024 Overcoming Inadequacy Exodus 4:1-12 Bible, Books of the Bible, Exodus, Life, Trials & Challenges