September 27, 2006

Serving With Power

Acts 19:8-12

God did extraordinary miracles through Paul ... Acts 19:11-12


Who wouldn't like to wield the amazing power that Paul had? God's anointing in Paul was so deep that even handkerchiefs and aprons he had touched could bring healing to people.

What was the secret of Paul's spiritual power? Was it his personal holiness? Was it his flawless prayer life? Was it is personal charisma? Was it the number of days he set aside for fasting? The exercise of spiritual disciplines can be important, but they have no power in themselves. The secret of Paul's spiritual power comes from God. As our reading for today makes clear, "God did extraordinary miracles through Paul."

God was the author of the healings and deliverance experienced in Paul's ministry. In his grace, God chose to use Paul as his instrument.

Why doesn't God use us in the same way today? Are we convinced that he cannot or doesn't want to? And if so, why? Has God stopped performing miracles? Why doesn't God use us mightily, as he used Paul? Is it because something is missing in us? Are we lacking in the childlike, trusting faith that believes God can do anything he chooses through us? Are we willing to allow God to use us the way he wants to?

The time for miracles has not passed. May we allow God's Spirit to work through and in us.

Lord, help me to believe in you and in your actions in the world through me. Use me in your service, Lord, empowering me to be faithful and humble for Jesus' sake. Amen.

About the author — Paul M'pindi

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