July 08, 2012

Shepherd Us, Dear Lord

John 10:14-18

“I am the good shepherd.”
—John 10:14


I watched a mother duck lead her ducklings across a busy highway. When she approached the middle line, she looked back and quacked to her children to keep following her. Those little ducks trusted her voice and believed she would get them to the other side. She knew them, and they knew her.

There are all kinds of people competing for our follower-ship. Businesses drown each other out with their commercials, promising more than they can deliver. Politicians try to convince us that they can make the government bend to their will. A radio pastor claimed the end was near and said everyone should follow his lead.

Whom can we trust? There is one who can back up his claims: the good shepherd, Jesus. John catches the honest and tender words of the Savior who knows and loves us. Jesus accepts us as the sheep of his flock, always nurturing us with his firm voice and gentle hand. But ultimately he is willing to lay down his life for us. Instead of trying to get something from us, Jesus gives himself away to bring us to God. He chooses to give up his authority and his rights to make us right with God. That’s a voice I can listen to and follow anywhere.

How about you? Will you follow the good shepherd, who knows and loves you? He can get you safely to the other side. Listen; he’s calling you!

Good Shepherd, I trust you are good and have my good in mind. Help me to follow you into safe and abundant pastures of love and grace. Amen.

About the author — Reginald Smith

Dr. Reginald Smith is senior pastor at Roosevelt Park Community Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he has served for seventeen years. He has also served as a pastor in Paterson, New Jersey. He and his wife, Sharon, have three daughters, Janelle, Katrina, and Mariah.

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