September 08, 2006

Signs and Wonders

Acts 5:12-16

The apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders among the people. Acts 5:12


Why don't we witness signs and wonders in the church today? As we think about this question, we do well to search our hearts and consider our motivations.

In some parts of the world today, many Christians and their churches have given in to secular thinking--especially in the areas of technology and science. Our love affair with electronics, engineering, medical advances, and many other "miracles" of science and technology can mislead us to think we don't need God--unless perhaps we're dealing with an incurable disease or a major crisis.

If our ministries lack power, it's not because God is no longer powerful. If nothing powerful happens in our lives and ministries, we might seriously wonder if we have begun to underestimate God.

Here's a question for each of us: Do I believe that God can use me and his church to demonstrate his power today?

Let's remember that if the preaching of the gospel is not accompanied by the power of God, it has no lasting impact in the lives of those who exercise or receive it. And if there is no evidence of God's transforming power in the lives of Christians, why should the world care about or even be interested in Christ?

Do the people around you see Christ's transforming power through you?

Lord, open the eyes of our souls so that we may see and receive your transforming power in our lives. Help us to show others how you have changed us. Amen.

About the author — Paul M'pindi

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