September 22, 2010

The Joy of a Holy Walk

Isaiah 35

A highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness; it will be for those who walk on that Way.
Isaiah 35:8


Sometimes when we walk with God, we might wonder if we are really getting anywhere. It may seem that others, by cutting ethical corners, are making names for themselves and really getting ahead. It may seem that our walk with God has kept us on a treadmill to nowhere. If so, take heart from this chapter from Isaiah.

Isaiah paints a beautiful picture of our future. A kingdom is coming—and it is God’s kingdom, in which all evil will be destroyed and all will be at peace. Those who faithfully obey God’s commands will enjoy full life in this wonderful place. God is making a highway we can follow in order to get there. While traveling on it, God will protect us from danger. God personally cares for everyone on this road by becoming a fellow traveler and walking with us.

Only those who believe in Jesus Christ may journey on this road, for it is “the Way of Holiness.” Real holiness is possible only through Jesus. He is the Way (John 14:6). Only those who walk faithfully with him will be permitted to enter God’s new heaven and new earth. And God’s Spirit gives them the strength to walk faithfully. They will enter with singing and with everlasting joy. And sorrow will give way to joy and gladness.

Come! Believe in Jesus, and join the throng that is traveling to the kingdom of God!

Lord Jesus, I want to join that throng. Please wash away my sins and help me to come into your holy presence. Help me to walk with you every day. Amen.

About the author — Adrian A. Helleman

Dr. Adrian Helleman served as a pastor in British Columbia before being called to serve as a missionary-teacher in the Philippines. He and his wife, Wendy, later taught philosophy at Moscow State University in Russia, and then philosophy and theology at the University of Jos in Nigeria. They have also lectured in Canada, the United States, South Africa, and Tanzania. They have three children and three grandchildren.

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